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NBN Australia - A National Disgrace!


Moving house is a very stressful time in itself for even the most organised person. Add to that the stress and incompetence of you service providers, who in reality provide no customer service at all most of the time.

Upon making the decision to move to Redcliffe QLD almost 2 months ago, due to the fact that the NBN had been installed some months earlier, I trolled through all the listings until I found a suitable cottage that already had NBN connected. I applied for my connection on 6th September, to a service that was active only 2 days prior at the same address.

I had been informed that NBN was already connected in the area and indeed the modem was connected and active. My ISP MyRepublic Australia has been very lax in communication and say the fault lay with NBN Australia itself.

  1. I applied for connection on 6th Sept and I was informed that connection would take 5-20 days (neighbours both sides have NBN and the NBN was indeed connected only 2 days prior to my taking residence, with previous occupants at this same address)

  2. My ISP specific modem/router arrived 11th September and was supposed to be connected within 2 days.

  3. I have now been given 3 dates for connection 26th Sept, 3rd Oct and today was told I would receive an "update" on 9th Oct, not connected but an "UPDATE!"

  4. I work from home and currently paying $30 per 14gb, around $60 per week for mobile data, I can not continue to do so or run my business this way.

  5. I have called and logged 2 complaints with NBN and registered the complaint with TIO (Telecommunications Ombudsman), nobody can give me an answer, date for connection or any information.

  6. NBN are saying that there is a fault in my area, but all 3 neighbours have NBN since the day I arrived and no fault with theirs, 1 even uses the same ISP as mine.

  • My connection on the NBN modem is showing an active line.

  • NBN have made no effort at all to send a tech to investigate or made any effort to contact or resolve the issue, me in any way.

  • Disgraceful communication, shocking customer service from both NBN Australia as well as MyRepublic Australia


Back in 2015 the outgoing CEO of MyRepublic mourned the loss of vision displayed by the Coalition government, after significantly watering down Labor’s vision for our National Broadband Network. Mr David Thodey described the move as “criminal”, mourning the loss of the “marvellous” universal fibre dream promoted by the previous Labor Government.

MyRepublic certainly need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the connections and service they provide.

We are now facing huge blow outs in costs and delivering far inferior product and service than the fibre dream Labour promised, far inferior to the rest of the digital world. The Fibre to the Node and HFC cable models do not deploy fibre broadband all the way to homes and business premises. In a world where gigabyte delivery is becoming the norm, Australia will once again be left in the dark by politicians delivering empty promises and lack of foresight.

Yes folks we will now be forever restricted to 100mps with this technology and maybe the politician who boasted ‘I don’t know what anyone will do with 100Mbps, I think 20Mbps is fine’, (yes Malcolm Turnbull said that) should be reconsidering his statement. Even 100Mbps speeds are obsolete in parts of Asia and in Singapore, gigabit speeds have become common following the country’s own NBN rollout.


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